As it is said, God is everywhere, you get in your car, drive down the road of your town. There will always be a church with messages on the signs about psalms, Sunday service hours, and uplifting messages. I can’t help but feel verklempt about how I want to be apart of the church again, but I can’t go back to church again, not for a while. It’s been a year and three months that I had to make a religious disaffiliation.

There are still some moments when I’m driving around and I see these churches, and I’ll think about…

So even though it’s called cosmetics, It should be really called cos-mess-tics. Why? Cause it is a mess half the time. Over the years there has been an evolution with esteem with cosmetic enhancements. There are looks and styles that continue to be sculpted onto the self canvas, but sometimes it’s hard to find how to make these enhancements onto our self canvas.

For years I have been continually learning on how to do better with my own cosmetic skills from makeup to hair. …

Interactions happen every day, it’s rare that there are those certain individuals that take their interactions to extend that snippet of time into a moment without a time limit depending on what has happened. It’s in human nature to wonder why something has happened, what was the cause of it? How can there be help? It’s a conflicting feeling to take that interaction to a personal and causal level, to decide to put their tasks on hold to offer comfort or encouragement to a sad stranger.

I have two stories of two strangers that have no idea that what they…

Samantha Parrish

Author of Inglorious Ink, article writer on neutral topics, enjoy the intriguing content for your curiosity

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